Cindy Crawford Sleeper Sofa, Uncomfortable Bar Under Mattress

Birmingham, Alabama 1 comment

We bought the Cindy Crawford sleeper sofa.After delivery we opened it and checked it out for about 10 minutes.

The bar under the mattress was so uncomfortable that my back hurt for 2 days. RTG sent a technician out who agreed that the bar area was stiff, but the upgraded mattress we paid $150 for probably made it worse. I received a call from the company the next day saying the technician found nothing wrong. He lied to one of us!

I believe Cindy Crawford would be disappointed in RTG's not backing up her line.You would think!



We are directed to remove the two screws on each side of the support bar to remove the bar.They are rivets...

Not screws.How do we remove the bar for comfort?

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